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Dream Ethno Soul

Ella is an extraordinary journey to the depths of women's heart, where ancient and beautiful dreams live...


Classical / Old Spanish / Sephardic 

What is Andalusia? A colourful carnival of people, nationalities, languages, magnificent Moorish palaces and majestic Catholic cathedrals, jasmine flower and tart olives...




Gate Gate is the Heart Sutra Indian Mantra made with the touch of modern electronic downtempo music

Gate Gate Heart Sutra MantraCarina La Dulce & Drumdala
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 V I D E O S 
C O N C E R T S   &  T O U R S

I'm Carina La Dulce, world music singer and composer. I am a dreamer and invite you to dive into your dreams together with my music. I create it in my own style named Dream Ethno Soul and consisting of many beautiful colors of Flamenco music, Latin, African, Indian, Jazz, Electronic. I share beautiful ancient stories, witnessed in the infinite space of our soul and narrated by the universal language of our heart.

I was born in Moscow, Russia in the family of big jazz and blues fans and my father used to play guitar and sing Russian romances. My family has Gypsy, Jewish and Spanish origin and thanks to that my music has in itself the echoes of so many world cultures.

 I performed in projects of different genres till the moment I immersed deeply in the art of flamenco and decided to devote myself to it due to my great passion to the art of genius singer Camaron de Isla, to his unique inner freedom in music.

When I moved in Granada and after that in Triana, the district of Sevilla, - the craddle of cante hondo - I started to adopt this complicated art from traditional singers and old men who generously opened their secrets for me.

I have performed in the big musical shows Flamenco: Inside and Outside, Picasso, The Legend of Romeo and Juliet, Vagabundo (Russia) and Gypsy Soul (USA)., was a soloist of the Spanish Dance Theater Flamenco Live and the World Music Orchestra Sambateria.


I have also been a special guest performer in various shows Old Spanish Songs with classical musicians, and released an album of old Spanish and Sephardic Songs entitled Andalusia.

I am very proud to be the winner of a Special Jury Prize of one of the largest flamenco festivals ¡Viva España! and to be nominated on Russian World Music Awards 2018.

I am also very happy to often tour US, Europe and CIS countries with concerts in such prestigious halls as the House of Music, Crocus City Hall, and the Estrada Theater among others. I was invited as a special guest to perform for officials of Russia and Spain and have participated in a variety of music festivals, including one of the largest international festivals Usadba Jazz.

And I am very thankful to you for being here with me, we can share a lot of amazing things together!


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