Classical / Old Spanish/ Sephardic

The album consists of 10 songs, including the best ones from the "Old Spanish Songs", the legendary musical cycle of an Andalusian poet Federico Garcia Lorca.


Another 4 pieces are Sephardic (Spanish-Jewish) romances firstly recorded by the non-classical voice in modern arrangements by Daniel Akiva (Israel).


It is the only album in the world of art blending Classical music, Gypsy expressiveness and Sephardic graceful melodies performed by classical guitar and flamenco voice.


It is the exclusive opportunity to enjoy the unearthly beauty of these treasures of traditional music and feel the inspiring poetical force that this nations always keep in the heart. 

What is Andalusia? A colourful carnival of people, nationalities, languages, magnificent Moorish palaces and majestic Catholic cathedrals, jasmine flower and tart olives, meetings of lovers in almond groves, valiant knights and the heady Gypsies ... Andalusia is poetry. Here is what Federico Garcia Lorca said about her:

“It is strange and marvelous how the anonymous poet of the people can capture the rare complexity of our highest moments of human feeling, in three or four lines. There are songs where the lyric tremor reaches a point attained by few poets....Whether from the heart of the sierra, the orange groves of Seville, or the harmonious Mediterranean shore, these songs have a common source: love and death....


In the depths of all these poems a question lurks, but a terrible question that has no answer. Our people cross their arms in prayer, gaze at the stars, and await in vain a sign of salvation. It is a gesture filled with pathos, but a true one. The poem either poses a profound and unanswerable emotional question, or resolves it in death, the question of questions."  He said exactly this in his lecture at the 1922 Cante jondo festival in Madrid.

What is the album about?

Who created the album? 



Grigory Baranov was born in 1987 in Vladivostok, Russia. He began to play guitar at the age 15 from his father Victor Baranov. Grigory Baranov is a graduate (2012) and postgraduate (2015) of the Moscow State Classical Academy Maimonid. He studied in the class of well-known professor A. K Frauchi, and since 2007 continues in the class of professor Evgeny Finkelstein.

From the first years of his guitar study, Grigory has lead an active concert life, constantly building his repertoire of new works and performing in concerts in Russia and abroad. He often visits France and Belgium for master-classes of well-known European guitarist Johan Fostier. Grigory also attends the festival of guitarists in Israel, Italy, Germany and Switzerland where he perfected his skill with masters of the guitar such as David Russell, Marcin Dylla, Hubert Cappel, Julio Tampolini, Alvaro Perry, Remi Jousselme, Bae Jang Heum and others.

In 2002, Grigory won the International Contest of Young Performers which was held in Russia. 2005 – Special prize in the Korean Guitar Association International Competition (Soul). 2008 and 2010. - Winner of the International Guitar Festival in the ‘BRAHMAN’ competition. 2011 - Laureate of International competition ‘Virtuosos of the Guitar’ in Saint Petersburg.2012 - Diploma of the International competition ‘Classical guitar’ (Novosibirsk).2012 - The laureate of the International competition ‘Music World’ (Moscow, Russia).

In his repertoire, Grigory Baranov has three solo programs which include the music of different epochs and styles - from the Renaissance to the composers of our modern times. He is extremely fond of ensemble. In his creative portfolio Grigory has three programs of guitar duets (in the ensemble ‘GriAl’ with AlekseySokolov), as well as a program of works by Spanish and Latin-American folk music (with the well-known soprano Elizabeth Kanauzava). From 2013, Grigory Baranov became the artistic Director of the annual concert series “My Island – Guitar” in the “M.I. Glinka Russian Museum Association of Musical Culture”.

Arthur Gazarov - Percussion 


Arthur Gazarov was born in Baku (Azerbaijan) in 1969. He started playing drums from his school years, which was largely facilitated by his older brother, who played bass guitar and brought from tours some records of foreign artists.

The music of Chick Corea, Bob James, Dave Gruzin, the Czechoslovak band Fermata, as well as the legendary Cuban band Irakere had a huge impact on Arthur at that time. In his performing skills, he was guided by iconic fusion drummers Billy Cobham and Steve Gadd.

In 1996, Arthur came for a session recording in Moscow, where he remained, having taken the place of percussionist in the team of Leonid Agutin, a Russian pop-star. And after a while moved for the drum kit.

During the time spent in the Agutin's team he received a huge concert and studio experience, fruitfully implemented in cooperation with the stars of the national stage, as well as with world-class musicians in the course of work on various international projects. Among them was a studio recording with the legendary guitarist Al Di Meola.

On the basis of his own  percussion school SAMBATERIA formed the eponymous musical group, which began as a student drum line-up, but later transformed into a full-fledged musical band which is attended by both students of Arthur and invited professionals.

Currently, Arthur lives in Moscow, participates in various projects as a session musician, directs his own team and the school of percussion, where he teaches and equally learns himself.

Marina Korobko - Flamenco Dance


Irina is one of the most popular Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban percussion players in Russia. She succefully performs in any band - from a huge orchestra to a chamber jazz trio.

She was invited to perform in the Kremlin jubilee concerts of Russian pop-stars Vyacheslav Malezhik, Alexander Marshal, Vladimir Markin (as a part of the orchestra of the National Guard of the Russian Federation), Sergey Zhilin (as a part of Sambateria World Music Orquestra conducted by Artur Gazarov). 

Being a part of the Sambateria World Music Orquestra she performed in several popular TV shows, among them "Comedy Club" and "The Main Stage" (with pop and jazz arists such as Lia Sargsyan, Ksenia Kolambatskaya, Kosmaxband group and others), as well as in the show "Voice-Children" as part of one of the oldest Russian jazz orquestra "Phonograph Jazz Band". She was a special guest artist in the "Sincere Show" of the theater "Fire People", performed in the Brazilian show "Ax Capoeira" (Moscow), in the the music projects with Shoo, Carina La Dulce, Daria Lovat, Ekaterina Gordon, Xena, Mukhtar Hordayev, Sergey Volniy, etc.

El Tebi - Flamenco Dance

He studied flamenco dancing in Spain with world-famous masters such as Alfonso Losa, José Maya, Jesús Carmona, Niño de los Reyes, Amador Rojas, El Oruco, El Choro, Luis Peña, Luis Ortega, Oscar de los Reyes, etc. and also at the flamenco school "Amor de Dios" (Madrid).

Participated in the creation of the first performance in Russia of the project "Duets", shown in Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow during the festival ¡Viva España! (2006).

He performed with one of the first Russian flamenco groups "Souls of Fire" (2008 - 2011).

He participated in the creation of the work "L.O.V.E." (flamenco-jazz), with the successful premieres in the scenes of the Central House of Artists (Moscow) and the International House of Music of Moscow (2010).

As a choreographer, he participated in the production of the work "Bodas de Sangre" at the Gypsy (Romani) Theater Romen (Moscow, 2008), and also in the production of choreography for the TV show "Todos Bailan" in Kiev (TV channel STB, Ukraine 2009).

He conducted master classes in the famous project "Hotel de la Danza" (Novosibirsk, 2006 - 2009).

Since 2010 he is a choreographer, founder and leader of the project "El Tebi Flamenco".

The participant of the program "Minute of Fame" (ORT, 2010), the television program "I Can" (Russia, 2014), was filmed in the television series "Vasilisa" (Russia, 2014), the program "Cultural Revolution "(Moscow, 2014), the" Good morning "program (ORT, 2017), etc.

Winner of the XVI International Festival ¡Viva España! (2017) in the nomination "The best performance of flamenco dance".

He is a member of the concert group and professor at the International Flamenco Art Center "Flamenqueria" (Moscow).

Since the end of 2017, he is the choreographer of the Spanish dance theater "Flamenco LIVE", whose performances ("The Legend of Romeo and Juliet", "The Nutcracker and the Queen of the Rats" in the flamenco style) have premiered successfully in the cities of Russia, Europe, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.


Andrey Laskin - Sound Recording

Andrey Laskin is a famous Russian sound producer specializing in recording live concerts. He recorded the legendary singers Valentina Ponomareva, Alla Bayanova, Russian rock stars such as Boris Grebenschikov and Aquarium, Viktor Tsoi, Mike Naumenko, Voskresenie, Machina Vremeni, Kalinov Most, Alisa, Bravo, DDT. He also worked on music for many TV shows, full-length films and theatrical productions.

Ivan Sakharov - Videos, Layout, Photo, Illustration and Design of Album


Ivan Sakharov (born in 1988) – photo and video artist, member of The Union of Photographers of Russia.

Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology of the Moscow State University (2010). 2013-2014 – photography teacher at the 2WHITE: The Institute of Photography. 2015-2017 – co-organizer of the DarkRoom Studio (studio & photolab). Since 2018 – founder of the traditional handcrafted photography studio “Svobodnaya fotomasterskaya”.


Since 2019 – author of photography courses and lecturer at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

The author of several personal exhibitions, the participant of more than 15 group exhibitions and international festivals including: IV International Actual Music Festival "Drugoe Prostranstvo" (Multimedia project "FACE: The Mute Opera" in collaboration with composer Olga Bochikhina, 2018); Black&White Spider Awards 2018 (nominee); Russian Art Awards 2018 (2nd prize); Black&White Spider Awards 2017 (nominee); International Photo Awards Russia 2015 (silver medal); PhotoArt Prague International Photographic Salon 2015; 8eme Salon Daguerre (France, 2014); The 2nd Photobiennale of Modern Photography (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2012); The 1st Photobiennale of the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2009), etc.

Matt Nikitin - Sound Mixing


Matvey Nikitin (Matt Nikitin, DJ Morfey) - Russian sound producer, composer, sound designer, pianist. He has a higher musical education in sound engineering. Founder of the recording studio MI Promotion. He began to study music at the age of three, learning to play the piano and composition. Since 2000, he began to engage in sound engineering, at the same time became interested in DJing. In 2003 he was admitted to RAM Academy of music, where his teachers were the best professionals in this field. During the studying, he launches several recording studios, collaborates with Russian pop artists. In 2006 he created his own studio MI Promotion, which manages to this day. The main activity of MI Promotion is the writing of musical material for Russian and foreign artists of different genres (from academic to dance music); the creation of sound solutions for computer games, movies and advertising, as well as the search and production of young and talented artists.

What does the EXCLUSIVE CD include?

   -  THE LYRICS of ALL THE SONGS in English 


This music is basically traditional and poetry plays a significant role in it.


Knowing the translation you will understand clearly the main ideas of songs and enjoy all the important details, such as almost magical connection of melody and poetic line in the lullaby Durme Durme, developing of the love story through the movement of dynamic colors from the the tender silence to exclaiming passion in La Tarara and exposing the secrets of mystical Serena, who are fascinating the sailors revealing in some musical phrases its horrendous nature.

  - THE HISTORY and INTERESTING DETAILS of the Old Spanish Songs cycle

and  Sephardic music. 

The story and circumstances in which this pieces was created is a key to understand its value for the world history. The history of the poet in the beginning of XX century, who made Spain going through the greatest Renaissance of its folklore and national identity, revealing the almost forgotten culture of traditional songs, born in the last days of the Arabic Islamic Civilization Al-Andalus.


You will became the owner of the genuine collector's edition of not only the one of a kind interpretation of this Spanish and Sephardic songs, but also of the artwork with photos and illustrations of outstanding young Russian artist Ivan Sakharov. The CD will be autographed PERSONALLY for you.