I'm very glad to help you discover or improve your voice, dive into the depth of flamenco or world music, or even start from scratch, if you only start your way in the music.

All that I know about the voice and music I've learned by my long and very interesting artistic way, by the thousands of concerts I performed, by the many years of researching flamenco and world music, vocal technique, structuring it, adapting it for my voice and my heart. I've made such a big work and I am very glad to share my experience with you!

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Technique, Music & Style
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My Flamenco Singing lessons are created for the beginner and professional singers, dancers, guitarists of all genres, professionals and music lovers from all over the world.

I'm teaching flamenco vocal technique, flamenco music basics, specific details of the style that you can use to add an exotic Spanish/Middle Eastern touch to your voice and performance.

Discover Your Voice
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My Singing Yoga lessons are created for the people who wants to discover their voice and make it sound powerful, deep and unique, using the sacred vocal techniques of the ethnic music of the world.


This method blends vocal practices, sound meditation, emotional liberation, creative inspiration and traditional songs of Africa, Middle East, Latin America and India.